Rolling up on the heels of last year's surprise hit, "Supervision (I can't go without)", Slo Mo brings his slow-minded philosophy to a full-length album packed with all-new retard rhymes. 

Amazingly - Slo Mo is able to forge unforgettable melodies -- telling it straight up and capturing all the vibe and vitality of being locked away in the house. 

Slo Mo breathes reality into curtain-raising no-holds-barred rhymes, filling a much needed void and becoming the voice within the emptiness.  

YPL Records is ready to unleash his much anticipated 'Rappin' Retard' album, which they believe will bring people together and help others gain a better understanding of self. 

"Talented retards like Slo Mo aren't found everyday. 
  We know talent when we hear it -- Slo Mo is fresh
" - YPL Records Executive

(MP3 format)
Track Listing of Rappin' Retard (Slo Mo)
1. Unintelligible
Why am I this way
3. Fit of Retard Rage
Got me a Big Head
5. Too Many Chromosomes
6. It's not my fault - I'm a retard
7. I got my pants on...(all by my self)
8. Parents Embarrassment (I am the)
9.Supervision (I can't go without) Mega Mix

 YPL Records