Two year cone champion Jeff Gurnie shows us his talent, blindfolded and drunk!

Yessir! All your favorite activities packed into one ultimate fun spot! Beer, blindfolds, and guns! Head on down The Drunken Blindfolded Shooting Range today for messy, bloody, wasted fun!

Our world-class outdoor shooting range is equipped with all the necessary facilities to meet the needs of all drunken blindfolded gun enthusiasts.


This is where the fun happens!  SHOOT AWAY!


Look at these blind, drunk, country boys!  USA IS NUMBER ONE!! Upon arrival, you'll be ushered into our drunken blindfolded music room where you'll hear some of the best country music by the best drunken, blindfolded musicians this side of the Mississippi! Here, our drunk, blindfolded, well-endowed waitresses will bring you pitcher after pitcher of beer which you must drink blindfolded! Yeee! Hawwww!


YUP! HAR HAR! We're drunk, blind, and shootin'

After you become quite intoxicated, you'll want head out to our shooting range. If you're new and can't find the way, fear not! Our drunken, blindfolded guides are happy to show you about!

Now the fun starts! Once at the range shoot away! Some people like to see how many times they can hit the target, others like to see how many times it takes to hit a person! It's all fun, down at The Drunken Blindfolded Shooting Range!


Take a VIRTUAL REALITY TOUR of The Drunken Blindfolded Shooting Range!


We now have several different membership plans for all levels of experience! The Drunken Blindfolded Shooting Range also holds training sessions for security and police officers statewide!

We're conveniently located just off Exit 15, 2350 Lorrie Place, Gizmo, Georgia. Just ten feet from the Gizmo Elementary School! Stop on by today, partner!

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