You asked and YPL Toys has done it again.
This year be sure to give your children the best friend they could ever have!
A man of the cloth!

From the makers of My Little Phallus and Waipealomon Trading Cards
YPL Toys proudly presents

Little Jimmy doesn't have many friends to play with during recess. He was also overweight and did poorly in school. But ever since he was given Father Tom, Jimmy's doing great!

It's hard being a parent in this modern world. Giving your child a loving and portable nurturing device or, your failure to, could mean the difference between Good-Little Jimmy and Crackhead-Fag-Little Jimmy.

With a Priest Doll, your Child will develop a special bond. This bond is so strong, it's SECRET!

YPL Life-Sized Blow Up Priest Dolls were molded from real, live Priests! Read a description of their personalities below:

ITEM NO. 466-A
Father Tom is a gentle and kind man. He loves nature and all things innocent.

ITEM NO. 323-B
Brother Donald would love to teach your children wrong from right!

ITEM NO. 766-B
Father Carlos is a very holy man and loves to bless things.

ITEM NO. 423-B
Father John makes a great companion for those in emotional pain. Let him comfort your son or daughter.

Dolls are easy to clean and maintain. Under normal use, we recommend our Priest Dolls be cleaned weekly.

No pumps necessary! Simply unroll and blow into the the doll to inflate! Packs away in minutes!

All YPL Life-sized Blow-up Priest Dolls come with a 100% guarantee.

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