"Like the gentle warm summer air, the refreshing smell of home cooking, 
or a dream of living a clean healthy lifestyle."

Take back your life, You too can stop smoking with...

Cigarettes are this nation's number-one preventable health hazard. With Nicolaxx, the only Nicotine Anal Suppository, you will be on your way to breaking the horrible and destructive habit of smoking. Nicolaxx takes away that edge of 'needing' to have that cigarette and takes only moments to insert. You'll notice the difference right away -- cravings will decrease and  if your lungs could talk, they would thank you for it. 

Nicolaxx is quite easy to administer and quitting smoking has never been this easy! Remove the wrapper and moisten the Nicolaxx Suppository with cool water. If the  suppository is too soft to use, we recommend putting it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. After you are ready, Lie down on your side and use your fingers to push the pointed end of the Nicolaxx Suppository well up into the rectum.  We recommend washing your hands thoroughly after using the Nicolaxx.  

Remember, Smoking or using other forms of tobacco while you’re using the Nicolaxx Suppository may lead to health problems.

We congratulate you on your decision to quit smoking with Nicolaxx, Nicotine Anal Suppositories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nicolaxx

Why use Nicolaxx over the Nicotine Patch?

        Recent studies have shown that Nicotine patches to fall off rather easy.  Claims against the patch also include that it works too slowly.  Nicolaxx suppository rarely falls out and the Nicotine trickles into the body at a much faster rate.

Is it painful to administer Nicolaxx Nicotine Anal Suppositories?

        No. Nicolaxx has polyethylene glycol and a Vaseline base making it easy to insert.  In our studies and trials, a very small number of people experienced any troubles or pain related symptoms.

Are their any side effects of using Nicolaxx?

It is normal to feel mild tingling, itching or burning when you've inserted the Nicolaxx suppository into the rectum. This feeling usually lasts 15 minutes to 1 hour.  It is possible the outside of your rectum may be red for 1 day, however it should not  stay red for more than 1 day. If the outside of the rectum stays very red for 4 days, or if it gets swollen or sore, DO NOT insert a new suppository. Call your doctor.

Can I reuse my Nicolaxx after a bowel movement?

The reuse of a Nicotine Anal Suppositories after a bowel movement is not recommended. We recommend using a new Nicolaxx suppository after your bathroom visit is completed.

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