The mere idea that someone else might be able to hear the noises which often accompany a particularly strenuous urination and/or defecation session can be a source of excruciating embarrassment and intense anxiety for deeply neurotic people all across this great land. That someone other than themselves, or that "special" nasty booty-call, is hearing a perfectly normal human fact of life emenating from their nether orifices can make those traumatized by poor "toilet training" uneasy at a time when they really need to relax to perform their most pressing functions. In some cases the condition is so severe that people are unable to perform at all in public restrooms, or even in the privacy of their own homes if someone is in close vicinity, constantly hanging around just outside the bathroom door. This is a tragedy indeed.

But, a bright new day is dawning for "pee and poo shy" people everywhere because YPL is bringing an amazing new product to the market!

All your bathroom fears can now be wiped away with YPL's latest invention.
Introducing: YPL Toilet Mufflers, the much needed toilet aid for those people who need some extra silencing! No more cringing with dread or feeling like everyone is laughing at you!

YPL Toilet Mufflers comes in an easy to use foam applicator and it creates a much need sound absorbing cushion between the toilet seat and the ass of the person using it. It's goes down quick and is easy to wipe away. The YPL Toilet Mufflers foam is not poisonous and it washes away with warm water. As an extra bonus feature we've added disinfectant properties so it not only muffles, it also protects your ass against the other peoples' asses that were sitting there before you!

YPL Toilet Mufflers turns the volume way down on any toilet exercise or visit. You'll be amazed at the difference! 

LISTEN to the Difference! (clips .WAV)
without Toilet Mufflers!  with Toilet Mufflers!
Defecation  Session Defecation Session
Urination Session Urination Session

* At this time YPL Toilet Mufflers are not able to silence audible male urination, because there is no comfortable position which would still allow the user to create the proper foam seal between the user's ass and the seat of the toilet. We are sorry for this inconvenience. YPL is looking into other unorthodox techniques in our never-ending quest to better silence male urination while standing.