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Many countries attempted to investigate YPL's methods to make sure they were legal.  At this time, the results of those investigations are still being analyzed. However, Bob said "This is a legitimate, legal, money making opportunity."  We trust Bob. We think you should also. 

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Lets get started.  As unconventional this method may seem, it does work, but you must follow the steps exactly in order for it to work correctly.  95% of the individuals that follow it "perfectly" become millionaires!! You could be next in line! Yes YOU!  The MONEY is just sitting there for the taking!  

The process for becoming rich is described in the following easy-to-follow Steps.  Again, we urge you follow them precisely.

  • Step 1: "Making a List"
    This Step is very easy: You must compile a list of names and phone numbers.  These can't be those of random people off the street. You should be associated with them personally in some way.  Friends, Family, or Coworkers will do nicely. You should have at least 10-15 of these names and their phone numbers before you proceed.  Make sure that all of the phone numbers are current and up-to-date.  After you have completed the list, transcribe the names and phone numbers onto 3x5 index cards with a big red magic marker.  ONLY one name per card.  

  • Step 2: "Obtaining a Camera & Taking Pictures" 
    This might cost you a few dollars, but if you want to make money you have to expect to shell a little bit out in the process.  If you already have a camera don't bother to buy another, you're already ready to go.  Make sure you have loaded the film and removed the lens cap. (At this time Digital Cameras are not acceptable for this Step.  We are attempting to update our Steps to include Digital Camera compatibility. We are sorry for this inconvenience.) Now with your camera in hand, you need to take some photographs of "cute" little animals.  Remember, they can't just be little animals, only "cute" little animals will do. Here is a partial list of little animals which fall within acceptable cuteness parameters:  ALL baby animals, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Raccoons, Wombats, Sea Horses, Rabbits, Humming Birds, and Ferrets (Otters also.)

  • Step 3: "Let the Cat out of the Bag"
    This next Step requires to brag to all of the friends, family members, and coworkers whose names you transcribed on the 3x5 index cards back in Step 1.  Explain to them that you are going to be one very RICH man or woman.  Don't let up.  Tell them over and over, and then tell them again.  BUT don't tell them about HOW you're going to get rich.  You are welcome to get creative with this Step. Talk yourself up; make believe you are already rich. Dazzle them.  This Step is also good preparation for the day when the money starts rolling in.  There is one tiny catch.  Every time you talk to these people (see Step #1)  you must be chewing gum. However, we leave the flavor up to you.

  • Step 4: "Cut and Associate!"
    Now we go back to Step 2, and have your photos of the "cute" little animals developed.  You now use a standard scissors, and cut around the images of the "cute" little animals. After you have these animals cutouts, you'll want to associate them with the people from the index cards. Example: John acts like a Humming Bird; so attach the humming bird cutout with a paperclip to the 3x5 index card of John.

  • Step 5: "The Hunt"
    Many of our Billionaires claim that Step 5 is the "most enjoyable" of all the Steps. This is where you are required to "capture" actual live versions of the animals you took pictures of in Step 2.  We warn you not to try to do the Steps out of order.  Do not try and capture the "cute" little animals while you are photographing them.  You must do these Steps very precisely!  After catching these little beasts, assign the index cards with the paper clipped photo cutouts of the "cute" little animals from Step 4 to the appropriate cages.

  • Step 6: "Learn and Be Taught."
    This Step has been called controversial by some, but it is the key to your financial future.  It requires that you learn "Sign Language." The weak and unowrthy are usually weeded out attempting this Step. Have faith! If you have followed the previous Steps perfectly there is no danger.  BE POSITIVE.  You will soon be a billionaire. Take your time. Once you master signing you will be able to "communicate" with the "cute" little animals you captured and caged in Step 5.  We understand your doubts, but YPL scientists have a far more sophisticated understanding of this subject than you. Signing allows you access to the inner workings of "cute" little animal's brains, and their understanding of the "secrets of nature."  People who are privy to this knowledge have already begun to exploit the planet, and to become rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Once you learn these "secrets of nature" from your "cute" little animal friends you can use this knowledge on your old friends, family, and coworkers.  Once you understand, you are ready to proceed to Step 7.

  • Step 7: "Exploit the Planet"
    With your newly found knowledge, you will understand what is next.  Only those that have followed the Steps will truly understand Step 7.  It is also the final Step to become a billionaire. Using the knowledge from Step 6, exploit the planet.  Turn nature upside-down; wield the forces of wind and earth.  Do what you must! It's already happening now, so why not take part, get your fair share, and cash in?  Be a billionaire!  ACT NOW!! -- There's only so much Earth. For more information please contact us.