Everyone wants to get their hands on My Little Phallus!

At YPL Toys, we pride ourselves on filling a need in children's lives, the need for fun and educational toys of the highest quality. We feel that our toys fill every niche in your child's life, no matter their age. We have made it our mission to break all boundaries, push our research into new areas, and explore the amazing virgin territories of the toy-making world. With that in mind, parents, we ask you to consider the following ... does this sound familiar?

  • Honey, let's have sex.
  • I'd love to, but what about the kids?
  • Yes, if only we had a fun and educational toy with which we could entertain them!
WELL NOW YOU DO! Yes, that's right, YPL Toys has brought you one of the most amazing items ever! My Little Phallus! Everybody wants their kids to learn about the birds and the bees - but how to explain those tender subjects? Well, now you can rest assured that your total lack of parenting skills won't scar your children for life! My Little Phallus introduces a fun and easy way to not only induct your children into the steamy world of sexual activities, but also to give them an entire line of amazing collectable personalities!!

Let's take a look at the first offerings in the My Little Phallus line! Each individual My Little Phallus comes with its own likes and dislikes, and every My Little Phallus has long silky hair that can provide hours of brushing entertainment with the included comb!

Sunwind enjoys frolicking outside in the sunshine!!

Moonbeam likes snuggling up on those wintery nights!!

Cloud Dancer is literally vibrating with excitement!!

Night Glider will be your friend all the time!!

My Little Phallus is rolling off the assembly lines as we speak!! That's right parents, your children could already own these fun and instructional toys! They're made of a completely safe skin-like rubber compound, and are easily washable!! Can you deny your children the fun that a My Little Phallus will bring?

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YPL Toys!

YPL Toys accepts no liability for misuse of My Little Phallus. May present a choking hazard. Batteries not included.