We all know how difficult it is to keep that special girl in your life. It seems that whenever you think you have a strong relationship with commitment, you get walked all over. Other men, other women, even electronic devices, can tear away that one thing that matters!

At last! You can relax! Just keep your girl on a leash.

She won't leave you now!

60 Inches of
Coated Nylon!

Safety Wrist Strap
Ensures You'll Keep
Your Girl!

Variety of
Styles & Colors

My girlfriend used to cheat on me all the time. It was rather upsetting. Once I started using the YPL: Leash Your Girl all our relationship problems went away!

- Michael T.

To be honest, I'm not even sure the child I support and care for is my own. But, since I've put the YPL: Leash Your Girl on my wife, we've had no more maybe-babies!

- Jack H.

My wife and I never really dated. I saw her, fell in love, and snapped on my YPL: Leash Your Girl. Ever since then, she's been my faithful follower! Thank you so much YPL!

- Todd E.

Every time I took my wife out, men would hit on her. Especially my manager. I don't have to worry about my boss hitting on my beautiful wife again. This red leash tells everyone in the restaurant, SHE'S MINE!

- Luke R.



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