YPL Ducklove: The fowlest pornography on the net!


Welcome to the first site on the net devoted purely to the carnal love of ducks.

That's right. We love ducks. We really love ducks. I mean really love em.

...lookin for love in all the wrong places...
I used to date a black mallard. Catching on? Good. Hopefully you'll read through and become one of us. We feel that any sane person once exposed to the lovemaking abilities of most fowl will never go back. "Once you go Quack you never go back," is what we like to say.
For your aural pleasure we have even provided a cacophony of horny, honking ducks for you to enjoy while you browse these images. I know from personal experience that there is nothing better or more relaxing after a hard day's work than coming home, listening to the sounds of ducks in heat, and just whacking my meat like there is no tomorrow. Listen to Five Ducks Going At It
Five Ducks Going At It
requires RealAudio!
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oh yeah, that's good, all we're missing is a cliff!

oh, you're a small one... aint'ya...? Oooh baby! That's what I like! Exotic Asian Ducks. That's right folks. Here at YPL Duck Love you can enjoy not only normal ducks, but exotic fowl as well. Young, adolescent, and mature ducks. Male, female, you name it. You see, Congress has yet to pass any laws banning Duck Pornography, thanks in large part to the valiant crusade by the Men Who Love Ducks lobby in Washington DC. The brave men of the MWLD have waged a long, hard, manly battle for our rights to fuck a duck.
Bookmark this page and visit often for our regular updates! Browse the pictures, listen to the sounds of ducks getting it on, and have a good time. Remember. Fuck a Duck for Luck. You won't regret it....
so you come often, i mean... here... uhh..?