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Locate that Hard to Find Geek

Can't find your rotten kids? Your baby's worthless father? That bitch who rolled you behind the Toledo HoJos? Locate runaway ragamuffins, deadbeat dads, that 'special' contortionist, or freakish subjects for medical research. Whether you're a cop, a bounty hunter, a blackmailer, a human cannonball, or just an ordinary stalker we can help you locate anyone who has run away to join the circus. We'll find out where they're pitching their tent, case the midway, take in the show, eat some cotton candy, snap a few artistic photographs, and for a small fee we will then send you ALL the vital information you'll need to put them in a world of hurt.

  • A missing person search company you can kinda trust... In 'the business' since 1894.
  • On the web since 2002... Thousands of hits!
  • A company with a real website instead of some half-assed piece of crap at geocities.
  • The only missing person search company that backs up promises with a Double or Nothing Guarantee

We locate hard to find people, even when psychics have failed; and, we do it quickly, inexpensively and reliably!* 

Skip Traces - Our skip tracing service finds missing circus folk when conventional cops fail at deciphering their bizarre and confusing lingo. Find the current address of a deadbeat clown or balloon animal sculptor, or that wierd uncle who tried to steal your nose -- with guaranteed results. Our service excels in finding the current address of even the most elusive escape artists. 

Missing Person Search Tips - Need help trying to determine what sort of information is useful, or where you can find the really disgusting dirty stuff? You're just plain sick. Pervert.

*No additional charge for no records found while dumpster diving applies to all searches listed as search options, except the Full Body Cavity Search, of course

This is how it always starts. Trust us, we know.

YPL Dics are all Proud Members
of  NABITS: The National Association of Bigtop Investigation Technical Specialists

Finding Missing Circus People

Since 1894!

YPL's Mega-Uber-Super Duper-Ultra
All-In-One Search

We include: trailer address, cel phone and beeper numbers, rumors we hear from
judgmental relatives, credit cards slips, motel room keys, nudie reels, empty crack vials, sperm and urine samples, and MUCH MUCH more, with just one search, for one AMAZING price!


YPL Circus Skip Trace
420 Morningwood Rd., Suite 23
Melumpus, NJ, USA

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