"The ultimate first-person shooter experience!"
-Rich Varlenkooten, 3d Gamer World

"I've never seen graphics like these!"
-Ed Hassem, Gaming Universe Magazine

"An unprovoked and idiotic attack on Canada!"
-Joe McKenzie, Canadian Gaming

"This game has blown my mind like an aging tub of yogurt!"
-Jer Nordstrom, Universe World Game Zone Magazine

Yes, these are just a few of the comments this incredible new game is garnering! Direct from the top-secret labs of YPL Software, Inc., comes this new first-person shooter utilizing the latest in video game technology - pixel-bit screen meta-raster polygonization! What does this mean for you, the average gamer? It means the most intense gaming experience you have ever witnessed!!!

You are Phoenix Shadow, special agent in the top-secret government agency Thunder-9. Your mission: destroy the alien infestation on our world. Your destination? Canada. In a covert communique from your ultra-secret Thunder-9 HQ, you learn that your neighbour to the north is in fact an alien breeding ground! It is your mission to make your way into Canada and eliminate this menace. Terminate with extreme prejudice - and prepare for the ride of your life!

Check out some of the unstoppable foes that you must stop!

Canada Geese
Yes, this normal avians have been mutated into fire-breathing monsters by the evil aliens! Watch out for their shocking secret power, able to render you completely unconscious and at their evil mercy! These dive-bombing minions of evil are tough, but the fate of the world rests on your shoulders!

Yes, these alien-infested humans pack a menacing array of weaponry, from the ever-dangerous 'Donut Cannon' to the horrific 'Back Bacon Bazooka'! Beware them, Agent Shadow! They may be easily startled, but they'll soon return from the aliens' 'Mountie Spawners', and in the greater numbers!

The Mounties' heftier twin! Stripped of their human appearance, these alien-manufactured monstrosities can only spell trouble! You'll have to use stealth and cunning to best them, but only you can save planet Earth.

Perhaps the most insidious of all the extraterrestrial creations, these abominations of headgear have been bio-factured by the aliens to leech onto the heads of ordinary citizens and control them for purposes of utter evil! Look out! They can cling to ceilings and walls, too! But stay back! Their blood is acid! A threat well worth watching for.

Queen Elizabeth
The hive mother - your final foe. Yes, this monarch is in fact the ruler of an insidious empire! From her body spews forth all manner of evil creation, and it is your sworn duty to stop her. This will be your most terrible trial, Phoenix Shadow, but with the might of Thunder-9 behind you, you can triumph! Nothing can stand between you and your quest for Earth's safety!

Canada Kill Count is available today! Yes, you too can enjoy the thrill of this extreme gaming experience, and rid the world of alien menace!! Available on all major gaming platforms! Order today!!